Our summer associate program philosophy is simple: provide as realistic of an associate experience as possible and let our practice sell itself to summer associates.  The end result is a rich experience that would be difficult to find anywhere else.

Each year, the firm invites a handful of summer associates to work alongside its attorneys and staff in a variety of cutting-edge, high-stakes litigation matters. Summer associates can expect to draft substantive motions, work directly with partners, attend hearings and depositions, and participate in strategy and client meetings. This means that summer associates perform associate work. They are integrated into at least one active, ongoing case in order to experience the intellectual and practical challenges of litigation, but will also work on other matters in order to meet other lawyers in the firm and experience different areas of litigation. In other words, you will actually learn something this summer. And like our firm itself, our summer program is lean:  we’d rather ensure an outstanding experience for a few summer associates than a mediocre experience for many.

We typically hire four to six 2L students who spend a minimum of eight weeks with us and a maximum of ten. Each associate has a partner and an associate mentor, attends various training sessions and speaker series, and receives a mid-summer and end-of-summer review. Consistent with the goal of delivering a real-life associate experience, summer associates are urged to attend the most exciting of the trials, hearings or other events occurring over the summer. And of course, there is no shortage of opportunities to meet our lawyers and staff through firm social events.

Fall Recruiting of Law Students

Due to the small size of our summer program, we limit the number of schools in which we conduct on-campus interviews, and with much regret can only extend a limited number of offers. 2L students should sign up to see us on-campus for upcoming summer employment. We annually conduct fall recruiting interviews at Harvard, Stanford, UC Berkeley, University of Michigan, University of Chicago, and Yale law schools, but may consider 2Ls who apply directly from other schools. Additionally, we participate in the Bar Association of San Francisco’s Diversity Career Fair. We do not consider 1Ls for our summer program. Occasionally, we have considered 3L students who have an additional year of school remaining to complete a joint degree program; otherwise, 3Ls are not part of our summer program.