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The stakes are high. The bench is deep. The opportunity is huge.

Ready for some real responsibility?  Looking for an alternative to BigLaw? At Keker, Van Nest & Peters, we regularly take on cases that are headed for trial—the toughest cases with the most at stake. The lawyers we hire are eager to sit with the best, and across from the best. And when they get here, that’s what they do—from Day One.

Alter Egos

Steven P. Ragland Steven Ragland knows that to be a great litigator, one must handle treacherous situations with ease. Fire juggling is one of several unique jobs and talents displayed by Steven prior to becoming a lawyer.

Benedict Y. Hur Ben Hur's work doesn't stop at the firm's door. He serves as a member of the San Francisco Ethics Commission, which oversees all campaign finance and open government laws for the City and County of San Francisco.

Jennifer A. Huber A white-water rafting guide, Jennifer Huber knows how to navigate rough waters.

Stuart Gasner When Stuart Gasner isn’t taking on the SEC in court, he can be found carving waves in Honolulu or Santa Cruz. Stuart has been an avid surfer for years!

Christa Anderson Wait until she takes her gloves off, that’s when she really terrifies her opponents. Despite a busy schedule, Christa manages to maintain a regular workout routine.

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