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LA Times, other CA news media sue state to make entire execution process transparent, but critics say it will prevent executions

KPCC AirTalk

The LA Times and two San Francisco-based non-profit news organizations are suing to keep executions from resuming in CA.

The Times, NPR-member station KQED and the San Francisco Progressive Media Center want guaranteed full access to executions before they resume. Currently, the state’s planning to allow viewing of the prisoner being executed, but not the backroom where the lethal injection drug is prepared and administered. The state’s also installed curtains to block viewing of the procedure if the person doesn’t die after three doses of the drug.

The news organizations argue openness is essential to determining whether the state is following the law in its executions. Critics say they’re concerned this suit could delay the resumption of executions. Legal challenges have effectively blocked executions here since 2006.

Keker, Van Nest & Peters partner Ajay Krishnan debates the lawsuit and its repercussions. Listen here.