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Trial Victory for Google Wins Top Defense Verdict Award for 2016

02/17/2017 The jury accepted Google’s “fair use” defense in the copyright case, zeroing out Oracle’s billion dollar claim.

Facebook Says Advertisers Can’t Sue Over False Metrics

06/19/2017 Facebook Inc. asked a California federal judge on Monday to toss a putative class action alleging the company misled advertisers with false consumer viewing metrics.

The Daily Journal Names Christa Anderson and Jan Little Among the Top Women Lawyers in California

05/24/2017 The Daily Journal has recognized Christa Anderson and Jan Neilsen Little among the Top Women Lawyers in California.

Keker, Van Nest & Peters Partner Cody Harris Featured on MSNBC's The Point

04/30/2017 Keker, Van Nest & Peters Partner Cody Harris was featured on MSNBC's The Point to discuss defeating President Trump's Executive Order targeting funding for "sanctuary jurisdictions."

Q&A With Pro Bono Lawyer Who Helped Block Trump's Sanctuary Executive Order

04/26/2017 The nationwide injunction to block Trump's executive order defunding sanctuary cities was a win for lawyers for Santa Clara County and their pro bono counsel at Keker Van Nest & Peters.

SF Federal Judge Blocks Trump Order

04/26/2017 Keker, Van Nest & Peter's win blocking President Trump's Executive Order to defund "sanctuary jurisdictions" was featured in the Daily Journal

Between Trump and his Justice Department lawyers, a vast disconnect

04/26/2017 Keker, Van Nest & Peter's win blocking Pres. Trump's Executive Order to defund "sanctuary jurisdictions" was featured in Alison Frankel's On The Case column for Reuters.

County of Santa Clara Wins Nationwide Injunction of Trump’s Executive Order Defunding “Sanctuary Jurisdictions”

4/25/2017 In a historic ruling issued today, U.S. District Court Judge William H. Orrick granted the County of Santa Clara’s request to temporarily enjoin President Trump and his administration from enforcing an Executive Order provision that would withdraw all federal funding from the County and jurisdictions across the country deemed “sanctuary jurisdictions.”

Trump Crackdown Confronts Sanctuary Fight, Skeptical Judge

04/14/2017 During a recent hearing in which Keker, Van Nest & Peters represented Santa Clara County, Bloomberg news reported that Trump’s Executive Order Targeting Sanctuary Jurisdictions was met with skepticism from a federal judge.

Daily Journal Names Adam Lauridsen Among Top 40 Lawyers Under Age 40

Keker, Van Nest & Peters partner Adam Lauridsen was named among California's top 40 lawyers under age 40 by the Daily Journal.

Panel Offers Strategies for Young Women Lawyers

Keker, Van Nest & Peters partner Quyen Ta was a panelist for the Women Attorneys Advocacy Project speaking about Tackling Unprofessional Conduct Towards Women Attorneys.

Jury Hands TEK $2.8M Win In Tire Repair Kit Patent Trial

03/17/2017 Keker, Van Nest & Peters secured a $2.8 million jury verdict for TEK Global SRL in a dispute with Sealant Systems Inc. regarding patented tire repair technology.

Two Keker, Van Nest & Peters Trial Teams Win CLAY Awards

03/15/2017 Eleven lawyers from two Keker, Van Nest & Peters trial teams representing Google and Arista received California Lawyer of the Year awards from the Daily Journal for intellectual property trial wins.

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