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Keker & Van Nest Wins Unanimous Jury Verdict, Preserves Healthy Competition in California

Press Release

Since mid-2010, when Paramedics Plus won the competitive bidding process for Alameda County’s emergency medical services transportation contract, it has been engaged in a lengthy legal battle with its much larger rival American Medical Response West and American Medical Response, Inc. (collectively, “AMR”). Refusing to accept the County’s careful decision, AMR sued Paramedics Plus, accusing it of violating California's predatory pricing law, Business & Professions Code Section 17043, in its bid to win the 911 ambulance contract. Paramedics Plus hired Keker & Van Nest to fight the suit and, on June 19, received a unanimous 12-0 jury verdict in favor of Paramedics Plus.

“This case was very unusual, in that AMR attempted to use California Business & Professions Code § 17043 for the opposite of its intent, which is to preserve healthy competition by protecting smaller companies from larger rivals,” said Keker & Van Nest Partner Christa Anderson, lead trial counsel for Paramedics Plus.

Paramedics Plus employs less than 1,900 people, whereas AMR employs nearly 16,500.  

“Despite the minimal amount of precedent, we were able to preserve the statute’s intent, and in doing so, potentially protect smaller companies throughout California,” commented Anderson.

“We’re thrilled with this result, and that Paramedics Plus can continue to provide great service to the people of Alameda County,” added Keker & Van Nest Partner Matthew Werdegar, counsel for Paramedics Plus.

Paramedics Plus was represented by Keker & Van Nest attorneys Christa Anderson, Matthew Werdegar and Khari Tillery.