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Women Leaders in Tech Law: Rachael Meny, Keker & Van Nest

The Recorder

Rachael Meny's practice is at the intersection of handy new apps and employment law. She is lead counsel for Lyft in a putative class action over how drivers should be classified, a case that could shape how Lyft and the entire peer-to-peer industry navigate challenges to the on-demand business model. She is also defending Instacart in a employee status class action, and was lead counsel for Netflix and executives in a non-compete case that she won early on the motions.

What do you like most about working in tech?

I love being presented with cutting-edge technology, factual and legal issues, many of which have not been addressed or resolved before. I also love the fact that handling legal issues for technology clients often requires you to work closely with your clients to develop legal and business strategies for the novel factual or legal questions that they are facing.

What don't you like?

The pace of technology companies (especially newer ones) is fast, so your help is sometimes needed at strange hours. But that's the price required to develop close working relationships with fast moving companies.

Most valuable career advice you've received?

Remember who you are and what you represent.

App you can't live without?


What's your biggest professional pet peeve?

Almost never seeing enough women in a courtroom or in meeting with other lawyers.

Dream job (the one you have now doesn't count):

Teaching law at a women's college.

Favorite power-breakfast spot:

Cafe DeStijl

Career high?

Obtaining asylum in the U.S. for a female incest survivor and her family members.

When drone deliveries begin, you'll use it mostly for ...


Fictional lawyer you most resemble?

Amanda Bonner