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Women Leaders in Tech Law: Christa Anderson, Keker & Van Nest


Maybe it's because she has a mathematics degree, but the numbers always seem to add up for Christa Anderson. The IP and business litigator has repeatedly gone to bat for clients like Google and SanDisk in their spats with trolls and competitors, knocking it out of the park in high-dollar cases. And in a spinoff of the smartphone wars that have divided the Valley, Anderson is defending Qualcomm in an ITC investigation over Nvidia's claims that seven of its patents are infringed by Samsung products, which contain Qualcomm technology. She had a prominent role defending Google against Oracle in the companies' blockbuster copyright feud. Google's loss on appeal means she could be back in the courtroom for extra innings.

Most valuable career advice you've received?

Develop your own style for presenting in court, rather than just modeling after another's. Your own style, true to your personality, will always be more compelling and convincing.

In 50 words or less: What can be done to tackle tech's gender gap?

Look for opportunities to bring younger women lawyers on your teams and invite them to the client meetings and hearings. This kind of mentorship helps enormously with increasing diversity. And find opportunities to network with other women in your field—preferably doing things that you enjoy.

App you can't live without?

Stickies. This app has finally freed me from the paper stickies (on which I can't read my own handwriting) in favor of the endlessly expandable electronic kind.

Dream job (the one you have now doesn't count):

If being a lawyer is off the table, I would want to run an animal rescue.

When drone deliveries begin, you'll use it mostly for ...

Chocolate­—and Earl Grey tea to sip with it.

Favorite way to unwind?

Riding my horse, Maxx.