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Using High-Tech Trial Exhibits

California Lawyer

Ashok Ramani, a partner with Keker & Van Nest in San Francisco, offers the example of an intellectual property case he recently presented in federal court, in which claim-construction arguments were allotted a whole afternoon. Other matters ate up much of that time, and the attorneys for both parties had only 40 minutes. Ramani says his opposing counsel nonetheless decided to stick to his 150-slide presentation. 

"He went through it like Sherman marching to the sea," Ramani says. "It was really difficult to follow; I thought it was incoherent." 

The incident serves as a caveat not to get wedded to technology, notes Ramani, who says he benefitted from following his opponent. "I junked most of my slides and just went with a few high points." 

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About Ashok Ramani
Leading technology companies, including Netflix, TSMC, ConforMIS, and HTC call on Ashok Ramani to handle their most complex intellectual-property disputes. Having tried 15 jury and bench trials nationwide and before the US International Trade Commission, Mr. Ramani identifies key issues early and translates sophisticated technology and legal concepts to persuade juries and judges alike.