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Two Keker, Van Nest & Peters Trial Teams Win CLAY Awards

Daily Journal

Eleven lawyers from two Keker, Van Nest & Peters trial teams representing Google and Arista received California Lawyer of the Year awards from the Daily Journal for intellectual property trial wins.

In announcing the award winners, the Daily Journal wrote, “Attorneys receiving this year’s CLAY honor dazzled in the courtroom and in the board room, setting a standard for excellence to which all litigators and corporate lawyer should aspire.”

The Keker, Van Nest & Peters trial teams included Robert Van Nest, Christa Anderson, Daniel Purcell, Gene Paige, Matthias Kamber, Steven Ragland, Reid Mullen, Michael Kwun, Edward Bayley, Kate Lazarus and Maya Karwande representing Google, and Robert, Van Nest, Brian Ferrall, David Silbert, Ajay Krishnan, Michael Kwun, Audrey Hadlock, Ryan Wong, Elizabeth McCloskey, Eduardo Santacana, David Rosen, Andrea Nill Sanchez and Christina Blais representing Arista.

“We were on the side of defending and promoting innovation against legacy,” Robert Van Nest told the Daily Journal. “It’s gratifying to try several cases a year, especially when you’re enthusiastic about the principles you’re defending.”

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