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The Daily Journal Profiles Jennifer Huber for her Whitewater Rafting Hobby

Daily Journal

In a profile of Keker, Van Nest & Peters partner Jennifer Huber, the Daily Journal highlighted her time as a whitewater rafting guide, which has proven to be an asset for her litigation work.

Jen told the Daily Journal, "It's incredibly important to read the water . . . The worst thing you can do when you're rafting is to go into a big rapid sideways, because the boat will flip over . . . So there's a lot of anticipation and preparing for what's ahead."

"There are few things I've done that are so engrossing both physically and intellectually," she continued. "It's an incredible team effort, the camaraderie of being on a raft and successfully navigating something that can be so treacherous."

Keker partner Cody Harris said Jen approaches both the law and the river with an easygoing, calm demeanor but added that his partner doesn't shy away from challenges in either pursuit. 

"Jen works on some high-stakes litigation matters that are not for the faint of heart," Harris said. "So it's no surprise that she can also go down class 5 rapids."

Lindsay Llewellyn, a Lyft Inc. associate general counsel who's worked with Huber on employee mobility matters, said the Keker partner is an "extraordinarily effective" attorney.

"Jen can be disarming in that she is a very tough litigator but also very reasoned," Llewellyn said. "She doesn't portray herself at all as an aggressive person, but she is a very tough negotiator and a tough lawyer."

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