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Corey Johanningmeier on the Secret of Success


Success may seem elusive to many inexperienced attorneys. Associates struggle with getting better at practicing the law while also trying to impress the partners at their firms and their clients. Law360 reached out to associates and asked them to share their secrets.

"Always volunteer for the work you want before anyone assigns you the work no one wants. Remain open-minded and relentless about where and how you will get the stand-up opportunities you need to convince clients and partners that you can be trusted with stand-up opportunities." - Corey Johanningmeier

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About Corey Johanningmeier
Corey brings years of experience preparing and steering high technology intellectual property cases to resolution through summary judgment, favorable settlement, or trial. His practice often focuses on litigation and trial of patent cases, but has also included licensing contract disputes and antitrust. He has represented leading companies in a variety of industries including satellite television, consumer electronics, internet, and healthcare, and has defended and sometimes brought large scale patent suits.