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Christa Anderson and Rachael Meny Named Women Leaders in Tech Law.


They're helping build new business models and defending them from court challenges. They're negotiating transformational deals that remake companies and move markets. And through it all their clients—which run the spectrum from solo entrepreneurs to tech giants—rely on them for a steady hand and sound counsel.

How would we describe these attorneys? The same way their clients and colleagues do—calm, levelheaded, persistent, determined, tenacious, strategic, bold.

The Recorder’s 2016 Women Leaders in Tech Law are leaders in board rooms and courtrooms across the Bay Area. They can't wait for Silicon Valley to come up with the next batch of inventions to squeeze more time out of each day—and to shorten their commutes. (Think beyond driverless cars .. more like Star Trek teleporters.) They wish people would put their devices down during meetings and write shorter emails. And they've got some thoughts on how to ensure that the next generation of women are more equally represented in tech law.

Women Leaders in Tech Law: Christa Anderson

Anderson, a high-stakes litigator, was one of the key players on the Keker team that won a fair use jury verdict at trial in May for Google Inc. in the company's second blockbuster copyright showdown with Oracle Corp.

Favorite way to kill time on a cross-country flight?

Napping. Hands down.

What's the most valuable career advice anyone's ever given you?

My stepfather encouraged me to apply to law school even though I had been on a very different track to use my math degree to become an actuary.

One gadget you can't live without?

My Macbook Air. I use it for everything at this point.

I can't wait until we invent ...

More robotic ways in addition to my Samsung Powerbot to help me clean up after all my teenagers and dogs.

No. 1 survival tip in a work crisis:

Take time for a visit with Maxx, my horse. It never fails to clear the mind.

Business figure (living or dead) who you'd most like to have dinner with?

Oprah Winfrey. She created her own success in her own way, and bridged all sorts of divides in doing so.

In 50 words or less: what can be done to tackle tech's gender gap?

Create as many mentoring relationships as you can with younger women entering the technology field and give younger lawyers opportunities to make presentations in court as well as to other lawyers and clients.

If I weren't a lawyer, I'd...

Run an animal rescue. We've got a small, informal one at home already.

Women Leaders in Tech Law: Keker & Van Nest’s Rachael Meny

Meny has become a go-to litigator for gig economy companies facing claims that they misclassify workers as contractors. Last year Meny won a victory for client Instacart by convincing U.S. District Judge Edward Chen to uphold the online shopping service's arbitration agreement with personal shoppers. And earlier this year she helped client Lyft win preliminary approval of a $27 million settlement with drivers from U.S. District Judge Vince Chhabria in a similar lawsuit brought against the ride-hailing app.

If I weren't a lawyer, I'd be …


Name a tech lawyer whose work you admire and why?

My partner Christa Anderson because she's the perfect combination of smart, friendly, unflappable, good with clients and great in court especially in the hardest cases.

What's your biggest pet peeve related to working in the tech sector?

Traffic to the South Bay.

One gadget you can't live without?

Navigation in my car.

I can't wait until we invent …

Teleportation across the Bay Bridge.

Go-to spot for a business lunch:

Anywhere that's not stuffy or pretentious.

Favorite way to kill time on a cross-country flight?

Catching up on People magazine.

No. 1 survival tip in a work crisis:

Stay calm.

In 50 words or less: what can be done to tackle tech's gender gap?

Hire more women for tech cases and have those who are hired bring more women along with them into those cases.

One word people use to describe you: