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Keker and Van Nest LLP: Partner in Promoting Justice

Northern California Innocence Project

In the Northern California Innocence Project  Fall 2011 newsletter, the organization commends Keker & Van Nest attorneys for collaborating on significant pro bono cases and highlight the following two examples.

Elliot Peters and Jo Golub are working on behalf of a man with no history of violence whose conviction was based solely upon eyewitness testimony uncorroborated by any physical evidence. Mr. Peters and Ms. Golub have helped discover new exculpatory evidence and are drafting a petition for writ of habeas corpus that seeks to set aside their client's conviction.

The newsletter also recognizes Keker & Van Nest attorneys Dan Purcell, and Eric MacMichael who dedicated hundreds of hours to freeing Caramad Conley, unlawfully imprisoned for 18 years based on a wrongful double murder conviction.

The Northern California Innocence Project was founded at Santa Clara University in 2001. Its mission is to create a more just and humane world through working to exonerate innocent prisoners and pursue legal reforms that address the causes and consequences of wrongful convictions.