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Innocent Man Freed After 7 Years in Prison

CBS Bay Area

Keker & Van Nest Team

Elliot Peters, Ronald Ross, Reid Mullen and Jo Golub celebrate Mr. Ross' release.

A man who was wrongly convicted of a 2006 shooting in Oakland and spent seven years behind bars until his release last week says he holds no bitterness and wants to work with troubled youth.

He said he always knew he was innocent, but battled the fear that he’d be behind bars much of his life.

Ross was misidentified as the suspect in witness photos after an Oakland shooting. Despite information that another man was responsible, investigators never showed the victim that man’s photo.

Click here to see CBS' interview with Ronald Ross, and one of his lead attorneys Jo Golub.

Mr. Ross was represented pro bono by Keker & Van Nest attorneys Jo Golub, Elliot Peters, Reid Mullen and David Rizk, as well as the Northern California Innocence Project and investigator Keith MacArthur.