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Bob Van Nest and Christa Anderson Lead Google to Victory in Patent Infringement Case


A Virginia federal judge on Tuesday tossed some of the claims against Google Inc. in a suit brought by Suffolk Technologies LLC alleging that the tech giant’s use of Google Adsense advertising placement technology infringes one of Suffolk’s patents. Google's AdSense service selectively places paid advertisements for a company’s product or service on the Web page of another, by using a similar protocol to the one under patent with Suffolk.

U.S. District Judge T. S. Ellis III on Tuesday granted summary judgment for Google on all but one of Suffolk’s claims, and barred Suffolk’s damages expert from testifying about anything. On Monday, Suffolk stipulated to defeat on the last remaining claim, and will take an appeal.  

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Keker & Van Nest's team, which served as lead trial counsel for Google, included Bob Van Nest, Christa Anderson, Rachael Meny, Dan Purcell, Matthias Kamber, Reid Mullen and Corey Johanningmeier.