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Ashok Ramani Wins Freedom For Rehabilitated Woman Convicted of Murder

Press Democrat

A Swedish woman who had been serving a life sentence for the 1981 murders of a Lake County sheriff's deputy and a Stockton restaurateur will be released in 2011, a Swedish court ruled Monday.

Annika Ostberg Deasy, who was transferred to a Swedish prison earlier this year, has made amends for her offense and is not expected to return to crime once she's released, the Orebro district court said.

The Swedish-born woman, who now goes by Ostberg, pleaded guilty in 1983 to two first-degree murder charges to avoid execution. She was charged with being an accomplice to her boyfriend, who fired the fatal shots in 1981. He hanged himself in jail while awaiting trial.

Deasy was transferred to a Swedish prison to be closer to her family after her attorney in this country, Ashok Ramani, appealed to the state parole board early this year.

"To me, Ms. Deasy is the epitome of how inmates who are determined can completely rehabilitate themselves during incarceration," Mr. Ramani said.

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