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The ABCs of D-efense in an E-lectronic Age: Ethics and Strategies

NACDL Annual White Collar Seminar

Jan Little will present at the 7th Annual Defending the White Collar Seminar, produced in partnership by NACDL and the Louis Stein Center for Law & Ethics, and Fordham University Law School. The seminar is the nation's premiere White Collar CLE program for networking and getting the inside scoop on the biggest, most current cases we are facing today. Many of the panels will have participants from the government as well as the defense bar and the judiciary. For more information about the seminar, please visit the NACDL's website at this link.

For more than 25 years Jan Little has handled high-stakes criminal investigations and trials and complex civil litigation for: publicly-traded corporations, private companies, and senior executives. Ms. Little's criminal cases have included many substantive areas of white collar defense, including securities fraud, tax fraud, health care fraud, foreign corrupt practice/commercial bribery, money laundering, and public corruption. She has litigated and tried white collar criminal cases in dozens of jurisdictions across the nation. She has also represented corporations and executives in securities class and derivative actions, other commercial cases, and in proceedings before the Securities and Exchange Commission.