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Keker, Van Nest & Peters Defends Journalist Bryan Carmody Against the San Francisco Police Department’s Assault on the First Amendment

Press Release

(San Francisco, Calif. 5/24/19) -- Following the San Francisco Police Department’s raid of Bryan Carmody’s home, Keker, Van Nest & Peters has agreed to represent the journalist on a pro bono basis. 

Bryan Carmody’s attorney, Ben Berkowitz, issued the following statement: 

“We have agreed to represent Mr. Carmody pro bono to defend an important democratic and constitutional principle. It is a troubling and alarming time for journalists in this country. They have, unfortunately, grown all too accustomed to daily assaults on their profession. What they are not yet used to—what they hopefully will never get used to—are raids on their homes and offices by armed police officers looking to uncover confidential sources. We are deeply troubled by the San Francisco Police Department’s treatment of Bryan Carmody. The principle at stake here is one that is fundamental to our democracy—the press must be free to investigate and report without fear of police intimidation.” 

“Bryan Carmody has been a reporter in this city for three decades. He provides a service to our community that is both invaluable to civil society and protected by the First Amendment and by California law. The San Francisco Police Department was wrong to storm his home with a sledgehammer; they were wrong to confiscate his computers and notebooks; and they were wrong to accuse him, without any evidence, of a crime.” 

“We call on the San Francisco Police Department to review this situation and to take steps to make sure it never happens again.” 


Mr. Carmody is represented by Ben Berkowitz and Nic Marais of Keker, Van Nest & Peters LLP.  Keker, Van Nest & Peters is one of the leading law firms in the United States trying high-stakes civil and criminal cases.