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Prosecuting and Defending Corporate Raiding, Customer Trade Secret & Employee Mobility Cases


Because trade secrets are a fundamental building block of California’s and the U.S. economy that help drive investment, innovation and economic growth, trade secret litigation and employee mobility cases are the hottest areas of intellectual property and employment litigation. Employees are getting laid off in record numbers, more and more senior level executives and employees are leaving one company to start or join a direct competitor. This program will provide participants with advice on how to protect company trade secrets, guard against employee raids, recruit from competitors without getting sued, and deal with the important issues that arise when employees leave to compete with their former employers.

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Topics include:

  • Key Strategies In Prosecuting and Defending Trade Secret Cases
         *  The Complaint: Surviving Demurrers and Rule 12 Motions to Dismiss.
         *  Summary Judgment: Preparing For Successful Motion/Defenses
  • New Trade Secret Legislation and the Changing Rules of Trade Secret Litigation
  • Why Trade Secrets Matter: Developing a Comprehensive Trade Secret Audit Program
  • Employee Mobility Issues: Strategies for Litigating Trade Secret Misappropriation Claims and Enforcing Multi-jurisdictional Concerning Non-Compete, Non–Solicitation Clauses
  • Trade Secret Damages and Remedies” – this would focus on all of the legal and equitable remedies available, including injunctive relief (TROs and Preliminary Injunctions), actual damages, unjust enrichment, attorneys’ fees, and punitive damages

About Rachael Meny

Meny has extensive experience handling trade secret and employee mobility disputes, complex civil litigations and white collar criminal matters. She has successfully represented companies, venture funds and partnerships, and individuals in litigation regarding trade secrets/employee mobility, securities fraud, mortgage fraud, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act violations, breaches of fiduciary duty, breaches of contract claims, Business and Professions Code Section 17200, unfair business practices, antitrust and intellectual property matters. 

Ms. Meny has extensive experience representing technology companies, other companies and executives throughout the U.S. in pre-litigation and litigation disputes regarding trade secrets, employee mobility and non-competition matters. Ms. Meny litigates such matters in state and federal courts, but also frequently provides counseling and advice on pre-litigation disputes that allows such matters to be successfully resolved before litigation.