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NorCal eDiscovery & Information Governance Retreat

04/26/2015 - 04/27/2015

The NorCal eDiscovery & Information Governance Retreat is an informative and interactive gathering of corporate executives, in-house lawyers, outside counsel, judges, thought leaders, and top-rated eDiscovery & information governance service and technology vendors. While there is widespread agreement that information governance is important and necessary, there is far less agreement as to how an effective and legally defensible information governance program should be designed and implemented.

Our panel discussions, “war stories” and lessons learned will explore what companies are doing to organize and create policies specifying how their information – primarily electronic information – is created, stored, used, archived and deleted. We will look at the processes companies are using to maximize the use of their information, the debate as to which stakeholders should be involved in these processes, and whether adequate standards exist or need to be created in this area. The panels will also examine the interaction between legal issues and information governance efforts, including the effect of litigation holds, pending litigation, regulatory requirements and fear of discovery sanctions.

Whether you are new to the eDiscovery and information governance industry and seeking more information or want to increase your existing expertise, our Retreat will allow you to explore the latest issues and strategies with knowledgeable and experienced consultants, advisors, technologists, lawyers, thought leaders and your peers - all in one of California’s most beautiful places to visit: Napa Valley

With a full agenda of educational sessions, scheduled networking events, and a family-friendly location, you won’t want to miss out on the opportunity to learn about these key issues in this relaxed setting. We invite you to explore our website, contact us with questions, and join us at this upcoming Retreat - where questions are answered at unquestionably scenic locations.

About Ryan Peterson
Mr. Peterson assists on all phases of eDiscovery. He has significant experience handling large-scale eDiscovery matters and procedures, including management of processing and review teams, and extensive work with the database platform Relativity. Prior to joining the firm in the fall of 2012, he served as a Discovery Engineer/Project Manager at D4 Discovery, and was an Assistant Project Manager at Blackletter Discovery.