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Defend Trade Secrets Act


On May 11, 2016, President Obama signed into law the Defend Trade Secret Act (DTSA) creating, for the first time, a federal cause of action for the protection of trade secrets. This conference is a must attend program for anyone interested in these new federal protections. Our expert faculty of leading in-house and private attorneys and consultants from around the country will bring you up to date on all of the important aspects of the DTSA.

We will explore the latest cases brought under the DTSA, strategies for bringing such cases, guidance for complying with the nuances of the DTSA’s requirements regarding contracts with employees and contractors, and a detailed explanation of the DTSA’s grant of a right to obtain ex parte seizure orders. This comprehensive conference will include a detailed examination of the pros and cons of trade secret litigation in federal court under the new DTSA as opposed to existing state law trade secret protections. 

Mr. Chanin and his fellow panelists will present, "Adapting Litigation Strategies to the Provisions of the Act," which will cover:

  • Plaintiff’s choice of venue: Ownership as a requirement for standing; tips for working through the pros and cons of federal court and coming to the best decision
  • Defense in federal court under the Act vs. defense in state court: What are the differences you need to consider?
  • Case study to put differences into context: Specific issues arising in a high profile employment case and how the approach, and possibly the outcome, would have been different under the Act

A complete agenda and registration information can be found in this pdf, as well as at  

About Jeff Chanin
Chanin’s career over the past three decades has spanned the full range of complex intellectual property matters. His forte is strategic leadership in complex, high-stakes litigation, and the preparation and presentation of technically challenging matters. Mr. Chanin has won numerous trial and pretrial victories for his clients in trade secret misappropriation, patent infringement and copyright.