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Toolbox and Primer for Federal Court Practice


This program surveys the fundamentals of Federal Court Practice, offering insightful tips and practical strategies for approaching the Federal Court system while avoiding common practice pitfalls. Attendees will hear from judges and magistrates and learn their invaluable perspectives of what works in their courtrooms; and more importantly what does not work.

In the hour-long panel, "Introduction to Timing and Sequencing of Litigation in Federal Court," experienced and practicing attorney Jo Golub will provide her insights into federal-court practice, based on her experience as an attorney and a former clerk to a federal judge. This panel will cover basic information and strategies for getting into or out of federal court and for effectively handling the timing and sequencing of federal litigation. She will discuss finding and using the pertinent rules and procedures, how case assignments are made to the judges, how to navigate the e-filing systems, when to consider alternative dispute resolution, the different roles of Article III Judges versus Magistrate Judges, and other topics related to practice in the federal courts.

In addition to Ms. Golub's presentation, other panelists will address:

  • Nuts and Bolts: Service of Process, Answering the Complaint, Pleadings, and Discovery Practice
  • What Judges do and do not like to see in their courtrooms.
  • Hot issues in Federal Court, Recent Controversies and New Developments in Federal Procedure
  • Motion Practice and Trial Practice
  • Appellate Practices

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