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Litigating A Trade Secret Case From Inception Through Trial

Bridgeport Continuing Education

Trade secret litigation and employee mobility cases are the hottest areas of intellectual property and employment litigation. Employees are being laid off in record numbers, more and more senior level executives and employees are leaving one company to start or join a direct competitor.

Leading trade secret practitioners from the plaintiff and defense side will address these critical trends by offering advice on:

  • how to protect company trade secrets
  • guard against employee raids
  • recruit from competitors without getting sued
  • deal with the important issues that arise when employees leave to compete with their former employers.

Keker & Van Nest Partner Dan Purcell will provide the plaintiff side's perspective for the following sessions:

  • "Preparation and Filing of Lawsuit: What Claims to Plead, Or Omit, and Why"
  • "Dispositive Motions in Trade Secret Cases"
  • "Preparing Jury Instructions, Special Verdict Forms and Selecting a Jury"
  • "Trial and Trial Themes" 

Mr. Purcell has extensive experience in complex civil and criminal litigation. He has successfully represented companies—large and small—and individuals in trade secret, trademark, RICO, legal malpractice, breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty, antitrust, and civil rights cases. He has also successfully represented numerous pro bono clients in matters ranging from habeas corpus petitions to Clean Water Act suits.