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Proving that a witness has just gotten the facts wrong -- or better yet, setting them up so that they will -- is one of the most dramatic events in a trial, and can make a case. But it needs to be done right, so that the jury understands what’s happening and gets the point, or the drama will only happen inside the lawyer’s mind. Join them for an hour-long examination of this advanced trial skill:

Ground rules: How to impeach so that the bomb doesn’t fizzle 

Preparation: Specific tips and a peek inside cross-examination notebooks 

Execution: Real cross-examinations from headline-grabbing cases: Making judgments about when to impeach, tone and style, and fitting the trial theme, for party witnesses, biased third-party witnesses, and adverse experts

Moderator: Hon. Teri Jackson, SF Superior Court)


  • Bob Van Nest, Keker & Van Nest
  • Cris Arguedas, Arguedas Cassman & Headley LLP
  • Daralyn Durie, Durie Tangri LLP
  • Chris Ritter, Focal Point