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California Trial Evidence 2014


Jen Huber will serve as a faculty member for PLI's California Trial Evidence seminar.

Why you should attend

Mastering the complexities of California evidence often can be the difference between winning and losing at trial. Recent case law and statutory developments in the law of evidence render this mastery critical in modern litigation and trials. This program is designed to give you the most up-to-date information on California evidence standards. The panelists represent top-flight trial attorneys and judges who will provide winning strategies for your practices.

What you will learn

Our expert faculty will lead you through the most pertinent and tricky trial evidence topics such as admissibility of electronic documents and social media, winning with demonstratives, overcoming obstacles to admissibility, expert witness evidence, and how to use or object to character evidence. And our judges will teach how to win the evidence game at trial.

Who should attend

Civil and criminal trial attorneys who want to hone their evidence skills and stay on top of recent developments in the field should attend. This program will be highly valuable for newer attorneys trying their first few trials as well as for experienced courtroom advocates who will stay abreast of recent developments. Plan to attend just for the invaluable tips from our experienced faculty.

Registration and Schedule

For additional information, please visit the PLI website at this link.

About Faculty Member Jen Huber
Jennifer Huber handles civil and criminal litigation matters, such as enforcement matters brought by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, white-collar criminal defense, legal malpractice, and intellectual property. Her clients have included executives of publicly-traded companies, large corporations, and San Francisco law firms. Ms. Huber has been an active member of multiple trial teams and has represented clients in both federal and state courts.