Every firm claims to be unique, citing a world-class reputation, brilliant lawyers and an impressive roster of clients. We have all of those. But we also have a legendary trash-talking softball team, a fiercely competitive Halloween costume contest and people who will always believe in the San Francisco Giants. What we don’t have is a mission statement about collegiality.

When you work with attorneys who admire and respect one another, with people who truly love what they do, you do your part to maintain that culture. We are the trial and litigation attorneys clients call in a crisis, in part because we are a close-knit team.

That is, until the Annual Attorney v. Staff Softball Tournament. Skill is tested, gauntlets are thrown, hot dogs are eaten. And at the end of the day, one side wins a year's worth of bragging rights. In 2015 the attorney team prevailed, bringing the current score to Staff - ten; Attorneys - five. The staff has vowed revenge.  

Attorney Softball Team

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Holly Saydah

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