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Alice Test: Is It Clearing District Court Dockets and Making the Concept of Preemption for Ineligible Subject Matter a Dead Issue?


The Patent Disputes Forum North is a full day rich in valuable information and intelligence for in-house and corporate counsel, intellectual property litigators, and those involved in the ever-changing Patent environment . Delegates will walk away armed with best practices and insights concerning key IP issues that impact their clients, companies and even careers.

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About Ashok Ramani
Mr. Ramani is an experienced trial lawyer who focuses his practice on patent and trade-secret disputes. Having tried 15 jury and bench trials, Mr. Ramani quickly identifies key issues, designs a winning strategy, and simplifies sophisticated technical and legal concepts to persuade juries and judges alike. 

Mr. Ramani is honored to have handled multiple engagements for leading technology companies including Netflix, TSMC, Hulu, HTC, Square, and Broadcom. For his plaintiff clients, Mr. Ramani has secured multiple nine-figure settlements and preliminary injunctions against former employees on trade-secret-misappropriation claims. For his defendant clients, he has achieved complete victory after trial on multiple patents, mid-trial voluntary dismissal by the plaintiff and pretrial victory by summary judgment and motion to dismiss.