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Advanced Patent Law Institute 2016

Dec 8-9, 2016

Ashok Ramani and his fellow panelists will present, "Willful Infringement and Enhanced Damages after Halo."

By rewriting the rules on willful infringement, the Supreme Court’s decision in Halo wrought significant changes in litigation risk and strategy, trial strategy, opinion practice, and employee management. Among the questions to be addressed in this session:

  • How are courts handling willful infringement claims post-Halo?
  • Has the new preponderance standard made a difference?
  • Has Halo’s focus on “egregious infringement” changed the way courts instruct on, or evaluate, willfulness?
  • Are courts now more likely to increase damages by some percentage? 2x or 3x?
  • After Halo, what can you do to mitigate your willful infringement risk and to combat such claims at trial?
  • Is there a renewed role for opinions, and opinion counsel, at trial?
  • Is it better to review patents as they are asserted and create a record of good faith or to ignore all patents?

About Ashok Ramani

Mr. Ramani is an experienced trial lawyer who focuses his practice on patent and trade-secret disputes. Having tried 15 jury and bench trials, Mr. Ramani quickly identifies key issues, designs a winning strategy, and simplifies sophisticated technical and legal concepts to persuade juries and judges alike. In addition to patent and trade-secret matters, Mr. Ramani has substantial experience handling class action, employment, and complex-commercial disputes.